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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  June 23, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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a developing story. police hunt an armed suspect after shooting a beloved store owner during a robbery. a heat alert. we're tracking more dangerous temperatures and a chance for thunderstorms. and i bet you never saw this coming. a sex scandal involving al gore. find out what police are now saying. this is 9news now. our top story, a beloved store owner and his son in a wholesale district of northeast were shot today during a robbery. >> we know one of the victims is dead and the other suffers life-threatening injuries. meanwhile brittany morehouse tells us police are still out there looking for the suspect. >> reporter: inside the store on fifth street northeast, police work a scene. and outside they console a son. his father and brother were shot by a robber. workers nearby say they heard the gunshots ring out around 2:30. >> four or five shots we heard and then we saw people running. >> reporter: now loyal customers and friends who know the owner as lee and his 20
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some-year-old son are heart broken to hear one of them is dead and the other is suffering lif threatening injuries. >> i'm very sorry. very sorry. >> we're scared also because we work right here, you know. and it's frightening. it's scary. >> reporter: scary that the robbers are still out there. after a police chase that ended in southeast. also scary because it marks one more act of violence in the wholesale district. >> so many times. >> so many times. >> so many times. so many different places. all the time something happens over here. >> it's more for this area. i know this store is busy. a lot of people in and out. >> reporter: and those people who frequent ly shop here say this is a tragedy brought on a wonderful family. >> i mean, he gave me some pointers on issues dealing with my husband and all. so he was just cool like that. down to earth guy. >> i've been dealing with him for 15 years back and forth. buying all my clothes and shop.
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he was real fun. he always would say something funny. >> we know them for a long time. we're in shock. they are very hard working people. >> they are good people. they work very hard family. >> reporter: we do hear the man who was critically injured is barely hanging on to life. meanwhile police chased the suspects to the intersection of 12th and c street. it's unclear how many suspects, but police say they were in a silver pontiac grand prix with dc tags. and just a week ago another father-son duo were robbed at their store. the son was shot and killed by robbers. a hot summer day at the pool in the district ended with a little girl drowning. tonight the family is looking for answers as police investigate. it happened during an open swim at the turkey thicket rec center at around 2:30 this afternoon. one teenage witness tells us the girl was at the bottom of the pool before five minutes before the lifeguards could get to her.
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they performed cpr until the paramedics arrived. emergency crews took her to children hospital where they die. dc councilman says the council just had a summer oversite hearing before today's drowning. >> to all account we were ready for summer. we had full lifeguards here. we'll see if the reports are different. but i do know that all the safety mechanisms were in place. and so this is just one of those unfortunate incidents. >> the name of the little girl has not yet been released. here are a few safety tips from the consumer product safety commission tonight. practice supervision. make sure you always designate a pool washer, even if there is a lifeguard on duty. install barriers. if you have a residential pool, make sure to install a four foot barrier around it with a self closing and self lashing gate. you can also install a pool alarm if someone falls into the water. avoid entrapments. suction from a pool or spa drain
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can be so powerful it can actually trap an adult under water. know life saving skills. teach your children how to swim and learn cpr. these pool safety tips even more timely as a heat wave continues which with more people looking for ways to cool off. let's check in with devon lucie to see how hot it's going to get. >> very, very hot. today we got close to over 120-year record, 97, and that was just a degree off from the record. bwi did tie a record today. we started off 74. right now very warm. mid 80s degree temperatures. it feels hotter than that. this will continue overnight until tomorrow. very warm, very humid conditions, just what we've experienced for the last several days. the last week or so. the hotst day yet to come -- hottest day yet to come still holding off until tomorrow. we do want to talk about storm chances and a brief respite and a bigger storm chance in our future. we'll have that in the complete forecast in a few.
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police in portland, oregon say they have investigated charges against al gore and say they have dropped the charges because there is insufficient evidence. the 4-year-old allegations are getting new life as supermarket checkout lines across the country. >> reporter: police began their investigatior a 2006 al gore appearance in oregon. a massage therapist claims she gave gore a massage and said he wanted more and he kissed her and pressed against her and touched her. the allegations were first made to a lawyer two months after the alleged attack. the woman refused to meet with police personally at the time the investigation stopped. the woman repeated the claim in 2009 and that is being reported now by the national inquirer. police investigated then and brought no charges. a spokes women for gore denied the charges in a letter to an
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oregon newspaper in 2007. this week the same spokeswoman wrote another outlet that the gores would have no comment. there have been no civil settlement in this case. the district attorney said today if the complaint to portland police want to pursue a complaint, more investigation will be required. by this time tomorrow we may have answers in the robert wone trial. the witness prosecutors put on to suggest the three roommates had plenty of time to conspire and cover up the stabbing of the prominent dc lawyer. the judge is giving attorneys four and a half hours tomorrow for their closing arguments. there is no jury so it will be up to her at that point to decide if joe price, dylan ward and victor zaborsky are guilty or innocent. the man known as the architect of the iraq war turnaround is replacing the top commander. today the president relieved
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general stanley mcchrystal after an article published in rolling stone magazine. general david petraeus will now replace mcchrystal. he made stanlts about everyone from the -- statements from everyone from the vice president and the top general and administration officials. >> the conduct represented in the recently published article does not meet the standard that shut be set by a commanding general. now is the time for all of us to come together. doing so is not an option but an obligation. i welcome debate among my team, but i won't tolerate division. >> the u.s. senator confirmed general patraeus immediately. he helped support the strategy in afghanistan. the president says patraeus has his full confidence. and new at 11:00, another soldier from virginia has died serving in afghanistan. first sergeant eddie turner died yesterday at camp clark.
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he was assigned to the 626th brigade support battalion stationed in kentucky. meanwhile, there was six more nato deaths in afghanistan today. among them, three americans. now to the latest tragedy of errors in the disastrous oil spill in the gulf of mexico. let's take a live look. the cap that had been taken off the blown out oil well because of a glitch is now back on. engineers replaced it on the gusher about two hours ago. the cap had to be off for more than 11 hours after a robot bumped into it. bp engineers removed the cap because fluid seemed to be leaking creating a possibility safety hazard. meanwhile, oil is washing ashore on what was once pristine sand. >> it looks like we just took oil and poured it all up and down our beach. >> it's really sad. it breaks my heart. my kids like to go swimming. they can't. >> this is what locals and tourists found this morning when they headed to the shores of pensacola. clean up crews are doing what
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they can to remove that oil. we're looking for a very warm and humid night here tonight. in fact, by tomorrow morning, there isn't much relief in store for us. temperatures low to mid 70s in some places. upper 70s in the heart of the district. >> and we're through the 80s the farther we go through the day. we'll talk about the complete forecast coming up. still ahead tonight, an emotional goodbye to a deputy killed during a routine boat patrol. plus a recall. a brand of spinach sold in local stores is declared unsafe. also, lion burgers. a restaurant adds the king of the jungle to the menu at 21 bucks apiece. she has this thing about bugs.
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no, no, no... i do not have a thing about bugs. i have a thing about bugs in our house. we used to call an exterminator. ugh... now i go ortho. home defense max.
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i use it once inside to kill the bugs. stops them dead. guaranteed. and outside to keep new ones from moving in. that's up to 12 months protection against bugs. and 12 months of keeping our house to ourselves. until your mother comes. right. ortho home defense max. defend what's yours. a teenager is dead to night after a car accident in la plata. the charles county sheriff's office says a 20-year-old man was behind the wheel when he smashed into a tree. the teenager was riding in the passenger seat. deputies have not released the names of the victims. the spotsylvania sheriff's office said goodbye to one of their own today. >> it's just a brotherhood between fire and police. >> hundreds came out to honor deputy dean riding who died in a freak boating accident over the
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father's day weekend. during today's ceremony, the sheriff read a letter from riding sons allowed. the eldest son described how he learned about the accident while on duty and actually responded to the call. >> 390 officer down. something i never wanted to hear come across my radio. and at that minute, i knew that it was you, dad. >> deputy ridings served in the u.s. marine corps from 1976 to 83 as a jet mechanic. a break through cure for blindness caused by chemical burns to the cornea. an italian study published today shows sight can be restored by transplanting stem cells from a patient's healthy eye tissue into the damaged area. this treatment worked completely in 82 of 107 people with the results lasting up to ten years so far.
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and since the stem cells come from the patient's own body, they don't need anti-rejection drugs. they describe it as a roaring success. we also have a consumer alert. bags of spinach served in maryland, virginia and north carolina are being recalled. they said that lancaster foods is voluntarily recalling its crisp pack ready to eat hydro cooled fresh spinach. they found listeria bacteria in a sample from a store. so far no illnesses have been linked to the spinach. in arizona, firefighters say they have a 14,000-acre wildfire about 20% contained. tonight thousands of evacuees are making their way back home, including the family you see right here. they got notice sunday that they needed to pack up everything and in a hurry. they say it was a difficult time over the last four days not knowing what had happened to their home. >> pretty hectic living out of a bag and not knowing if you had a house and nobody could tell you
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anything on the phone. and then you wanted to get here but you couldn't get here. >> the combination of high temperatures, low humidity and strong winds have challenged firefighters on the ground and in the air. officials now believe it will be another couple of weeks before that wildfire is completely contained. taking a look at other news from across the nation, in south carolina, a man is accused of stealing a police car and leading officers on a high-speed chase all the while wearing handcuffs. police first arrested the suspect at a checkpoint for dui. they say that's when he stole the patrol car. officers arrested him after he crashed it into another vehicle. in oregon, a psychiatrist is looking to give terminally ill patients a place to die. people with less than six months to live who meet the standards of oregon's death with dignity act could pay this doctor up to $5,000 to end their lives in this house. each year about ten people do die in oregon under the dignity act. and the woman who says she was in one of the most famous
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images of the 20th century has died. edith shane says she was the nurse kissing the sailor in time square at the end of world war ii. the famous photo appeared in life magazine. shane says in later interviews, she never knew the sailor's name. she died sunday at her los angeles home at the age of 91. the cameras are rolling when a rare 5.5 magnitude earthquake hit canada. now, this is video from a meeting in ottawa. and you can see things kind of start shaking around and the man in the middle of the screen starts collecting stuff saying maybe i just ought to make a run for things. otherwise folks are running out of the door already. the quake struck and could be felt as far away as ohio. a number of buildings were evacuated but no damage was reported. well, last night we told you about the unicorn meat that, of course, was not real. well, take a look at this slab. that is lion. and the sizzle says it is very,
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very real. a restaurant in mesa, arizona, is serving up the lion burgers. a promotion tied to the world cup in south africa. the owner says he's serving this lion with pride. >> it doesn't dwindle the population. it's farmed here in the u.s.. it's usda certified. and some people understand that or are pass fide by that. -- pacified by that. >> people have been complaining a bit. somebody phoned in a bomb threat. meanwhile, at 21 bucks per burger, preorders have already accounted for all of the lion meat that the restaurant had to serve. complaints aside, somebody is looking to get something they think might be tasty. >>ic. we were wondering what our pal phil the cat thinks about all of this. >> all right, phil. what do you think? >> i'm not sure if that means he doesn't like it or he wants a
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piece. >> i just think we like showing this video. phil is crazy. [ laughing ] >> it's a crazy sound coming out of that cat. all right. an all new letterman will be on right after 9news now. that is hard to follow. here is a sneak peek at tonight's top ten. >> number ten, you don't need to pay a lot to get a good hairpiece. [ laughing ]. >> number nine, the first half of the show voted last half auto-pilot. number eight, never anger a woman who shoots wolfs from a helicopter. [ laughing ] >> tonight adam sandler will be on. give us the word here, sir. >> we just have to get through one more day of at least intense heat. we have a little break in store. >> break is good. >> a couple more days. but then it's all about monday. monday is a front we don't see here very often. the heart of summertime. we'll see it coming up in the seven-day forecast. right now it's all about the next three days. so tomorrow, yes, no way around
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it. extremely hot. 98. actual air temperature you factor in humid well over triple digits. national weather standards, we need to hit 105 heat index to have a heat advisory. we're not getting at those temperatures but getting close to it. so at least no advisories in effect. a little break friday. the heat is back saturday. small chance of rain there too. tonight very warm. very humid. a lot of us could hit the lower to mid 70s. downtown washington lower 70s. that is very low. we're not getting much break in the heat even overnight. another code orange weather alert. by afternoon mid to upper 90s. i think we're in real jeopardy of breaking a record high tomorrow here in washington. that is 98 degrees. i think we could come close to at least even tieing it. and i think we have a real shot at breaking this. do you see the west winds 10-20 miles an hour. a west or a southwest wind is really warm here for washington.
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we're going to get that tomorrow. storms died out tonight. appalachians great eating up storms. that's what they did here tonight. better chance of storms when the actual cold front is going to be coming through. we'll show you that in the future cast. excessive heat warnings philly. the closest it comes is just south of -- we're sandwiched in between very warm air in place. 85 our official temperature. 77 gaithersburg. factor in the humidity, it feels even warmer. 89 here. 79 in gaithersburg. that's what it feels like. so right into our nine future cast. watch what happens. storms along and ahead of them. any time after the noon hour, scattered thunderstorms possible. i think more into the afternoon hours we'll see some scattered thunderstorms. not everybody is going to get them, but we have a decent chance of seeing a storm. after that, here is our break. dryer, cooler air for friday. but it's a small break. we have the heat coming back in on saturday. and there is a slight chance of storms coming in with that saturday return to heat. sunday even just as hot, if not
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even hotter than saturday. now, it's monday. look at monday. 94. scattered storms. and a good chance of scattered storms for everyone. middle 80s tuesday. middle 80s tuesday. middle to lower 80s on wednesday. and that is just a front you don't see very often. in fact, it will feel more like spring than it does the middle of summer. i say we'll take it. rejoice. [ laughing ] >> there is going to be some heat back. >> absolutely. we'll take it when we can get it. all right. so the strasburg guy actually is a human being? >>. [ laughing ] >> i think he's human but i'm not sure. the royals proved that tonight. steven strasburg back to work today and outstanding once again. but the royals do something to him that no other team has been able to do thus far. alex ovechkin wins another award, but is it the one he wants? and big al lets everyone know what up about training camp.
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and now 9 sports, the best sports in town. >> steven strasburg has wild major league baseball so much some are considering him for an all star selection. that happens when you set a major league record for strikeouts in your first three starts. afternoon gig and obviously the royals did get the strasburg memo. don't you guys know this guy has a hose on his right arm. he struck out nine. that's another record for strikeouts in his first four starts. but he didn't get any run support. you have to give the royals a lot of credit. they nibble away at strasburg. the royals nine hits against strasburg. the most he's given up all year. like all the great ones afterwards, strasburg hardest on himself after the royals beat the nats 1-0.
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>> my goal is to come in here and help this team win some ballgames. they didn't get it done today, but we're trying to keep doing things right and get ready for the next game. >> the national hockey league had its annual awards tonight in las vegas. alex ovechkin did not win his third straight league mvp award. that went to vancouver's hendrick sadene. he did win a separate mvp award as voted on by the players, but it's not the same as the league one. they were named first team all nhl. joe say theodore goalie won for perseverance as he and his wife dealt with the death of their two-month-old son last august. most expect john wall to be chosen first in tomorrow's nba draft. he spoke with reporters today and managed to talk about wall without actually mentioning the
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words wall. >> his name has come up very often and he is a very impressive young man. he comes from a great program. outstanding leader. really understands the game. he's one of those rare players that make people around him better. >> we'll have wall to wall coverage tomorrow. we're live at the verizon center at 5:00 and 6:00 talking to flip sanders. brett haber will be at grand central at madison square garden. so after all of the trade demand and strong words and the teammates saying things about him and the overall drama, albert haynesworth says he will be at training camp. that is going to be a circus. haynesworth has missed all but one day and is not happy with the installation of the 3-4 defense and recently sent a shot across the bow saying he didn't want to be in dc anymore but this is what he had to say today. he released a statement saying despite my current differences with the redskins i have always planned to attend training camp and honor my contract. i am continuing to prepare for
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the season individually and will report on time in shape and ready to play football. in soccer now, u.s. world cup versus algeria. some nervous moments for the fans. the usual controversy. several missed opportunities. and then down the stretch 9 first minute landon donovan misses but the rebound and donovan is there. his record 44th international goal. u.s. wins 1-0. advances to play ghana on saturday. finally here this is something you probably are never going to see. wimbeldon day three. had match suspended after darkness after ten hours. it's the longest match. the fifth set is currently tied at 59-59. the fifth set alone has been longer than the previous full match record. hold on there, derek. the match has been going on for two days now. it was suspended yesterday because of darkness. they have been playing for two days. no one can get --
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>> no one can get -- >> they're two game lead. >> that's crazy. we'll be right back.
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. well, that tennis match goes on, but we have to go. >>. [ laughing ] >> that is 9news now for tonight. thanks for sticking around. >> don't forget we're always on at stay cool. o= @
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